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Dear sirs and to whom it may concern, I, Lonnie Richardson, live in a rural area. So rural that I am forced to subscribe to wi-fi access to obtain normally free TV.

I don't like commercials and when cable was initially introduced in the 70's the sales pitch was that a paid cable subscription would dismiss commercials. So as it's turned out now commercials are just as frequent as regular broadcast TV along with the audacious costs of the cheapest 200 basic channel pkg. I don't agree nor understand that with having to pay for programming why commercials are included since it's the commercials that sponsor the programming a.k.a. a double whammy.

I do not subscribe for cable or satellite, but since no broadcast television can be accessed with even a rooftop antenna, I am imposed upon to maintain a wi-fi account just so I can at least watch the news. So I just want to watch the news of which NBC's TODAY and Evening News are my preferred I can't keep up on current events because the news programs I wish to watch are streamed approximately 8-12 hours afterwards. So I'm imposed upon to pay for free TV that's no earlier than a half a day late. I am not of surplus funds.

Even if I could afford cable/satellite I would still be in disagreement regarding the heavy cost of subscribing on top of commercials and would still prefer free broadcast TV. However, what is is right? I don't like it, but living alone I wish to be a little more active than just being able to play solitaire all during the day. So again, is, is.

I have wi-fi and stream both NBC's initial app and the Peacock app. I do wish to further complain is similar to the difference in volume between commercials and the programming. Yes, the commercials placed in the programming at times are louder than the programming shocking my hearing, but that scenario is more common between in the programs verbal and audio. I adjust the volume so I can comfortably hear the programs dialogue, but when the show goes to an action scene with theatrical music the volume is so audaciously loud that I have to turn it down.

When the music stops I have to turn it back up. If there is dialogue with music I have to turn it down and can't hear the dialogue.

All my poor but would like to do is keep up on current current events while not having to play see-saw with the volume so I can pay attention to the problem. So yeah, I'm pissed knowing that I can't do anything about it and sure nothing will be validated with this complaint causing nothing to be rectified or adjusted, but I believe it will be submitted to file and then maybe someday the greedy Big wigs will have an attack of moral and prioritize the customer over the cash.

Preferred solution: Current free programming with properly adjusted audio..

Peacock TV Pros: Cost for free tv.

Peacock TV Cons: Outdated news & no current programming.

Location: Storm Lake, Iowa

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DO NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!


"introduced in the 70's " I'm guessing you haven't noticed this is no longer the 70's. If you're unhappy with the state of TV today, turn it off and pick up a book. No one cares...Time to move on with your life.


Ouch dude, I am with you on the volume issues. I have hearing damage from several sources and use hearing aids which is an artificial microphonic world to begin with.

Feedback from my electric guitars before I even plug them in. I remember the cable pitch from the '70s you mentioned. In this state we also had the ca.1974 promises that a lottery would eliminate school taxes (we still have both) and a Turnpike which was to have been paid off by 1970 (it was not as of 2021). In this world of noise and disappointment 'thank goodness for closed captions'.

No more carping harpies voices on 'news' shows, no more screaming commercials. DVR and closed captions;friends for life.

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